Born in 1987 in Gent (Belgium), Kwervo developed a big passion for music ever since he was a kid. When he was about 12 years old he started listening to the artists who would become the inspiration to his own music. He became a big fan of the funky hip-hop of Cypress Hill and Psycho Realm, the grimey Queensbridge vibe of Mobb Deep, the raw shaolin sound of the Wu-Tang Clan and many more artists from the golden Boom Bap era. The producers who inspired him the most are DJ Muggs, RZA, Havoc, Stoupe, DJ Premier and The Alchemist.

He also became  a fan of rock and metal bands like Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Korn, next to reggae music, trip hop, blues, jazz,… His appreciation for different styles of music would be a big help to him later making hip-hop beats and shows in the versatility of his work.

After high school Kwervo and some friends started the group Blaze One, which was just a group of friends hanging around in the city, listening to music and rapping their own rhymes to classic hip hop beats for fun.

In 2007 he started making his own beats. His Blaze One companion and good friend D-Cap started getting more into rapping and so they began making their own tracks, having only a dusty computer and a mic.  After spreading their music through MySpace and getting positive reactions to it, the two started to take their music more seriously. They began collaborating with other artists and learned a lot from it. Over the last 6 years Kwervo has made songs with more than 200 artists (rappers, singers, DJ’s and musicians) from literally all over the world.

Next to contributing beats to the albums of people he works with, Kwervo put out 12 albums so far that he produced entirely, inspired by his favorite hip-hop albums where one producer did the majority of the production and thus created an entire album‘s sound. You can check them on his bandcamp page ( In 2009 he also participated in a project together with french producer Kachin and dutch producer I.D.C. aka Lighttown Shadow with whom he shared the same passion for dark underground hip-hop. With this project being relatively successful, they started the international crew Demonios Sekt to unite producers, mc’s and DJ’s who are into dark underground hip-hop. They released a whole bunch of projects so far that you can download for free on

Kwervo also became a member of the Anti-Injustice Movement. Inspired by the positive message this movement and its members bring through hip hop, he immediately felt connected. You can read more about them on

Because of his many collaborations with Organized Threat frontman Poetic Death and other members JMega & Vida Killz, he is one of the official producers for this upcoming movement. Check their website at

The name ‘Kwervo’ comes from the spanish word ‘Cuervo’ for ‘Crow/Raven’. The crow symbolizes the dark side of the psyche and acknowledging this dark side, we can effectively communicate with both halves of ourselves. This offers liberating balance, and facilitates tremendous wisdom. Or like Carl Jung said: “Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious”.

Kwervo believes in making music straight from the heart and soul, and not for the money and fame like most people who are all over the radio these days. He has a very skeptical view about the music industry and thus continues to do everything on his own, from the depths of the underground, supported by the many creative and talented people who share the same vision.

His mission is to use the negative energies that affect(ed) him in his life and turn them into something positive. He wants to help hip hop evolve from a big ego circus to a movement of humble artists who want to express themselves and drop knowledge to educate the listeners and raise awareness and understanding. Kwervo is convinced that music has a power to unite people who are struggling all over the world and so, can definitely have a big influence on creating a better world.